What People Are Saying About Holy Spirit Radio

“Thank God for Holy Spirit Radio! It has been a wonderful influence on my life.” -Bill

“Holy Spirit Radio has changed my life!” -Tom, a non-Catholic

Holy Spirit Radio has been one of the key instruments that guided me back to the Church” -Bill from Newtown

“Thank you for the wonderful programs!” -Marianne from Southampton

“I owe my conversion to Catholicism to Holy Spirit Radio.” -Terri from Queen of the Universe Parish

“I really appreciate the pro-life programming. It’s inspiring! Thank you and God bless!” -Don from Springfield

“My mother-in-law told me about it. Very inspiring! Now I also listen online. Keep up the good work! -Don from Lancaster

“The Son Rise Morning Show is a great way to start the day!” -Thomas and Louise from St. Agnes

“Holy Spirit Radio has greatly influenced my family: my husband tapes shows and send them to his sons in Delaware and Georgia!” -Gloria from Southampton

“I love listening to Father Corapi and the Rosary. Thank you!” -Kelly from Newtown

“I really enjoy ‘Voices of the Unborn’ and ‘Women of Grace.’ It really picks up my day!” -Cathy from Newtown

“Encourage more of you family and friends to listen! There is something on the station for every soul! -Lisa from Yardley

“I love Catholic Connection and Kresta in the Afternoon!” -Mariette

“I love Holy Spirit Radio! I’ve learned more in listening to Catholic Radio for the past 5 years than I had learned in my entire lifetime!” -Mary Ann from Hilltown

“As soon as I wake up I turn on the radio.” -Joanne

“I’m a mom with 5 kids and listen all the time in the car. ‘NFP for Life’ helped me with my NFP presentation at our Pre-Cana session at my parish.”