Community Bulletin Board Announcement

Do you have a Parish event, devotion, prayer group meeting or school activity that you would like to promote? Let Holy Spirit Radio help you get the word out! The Catholic Community Bulletin Board is a forum to promote the many wonderful activities that are happening in our area parishes and school

Submitting Your Announcement

All local announcements on Holy Spirit Radio are 30 or 60 seconds and run randomly throughout the day on the hour. You may submit your announcement exactly as you’d like it read, or simply submit the details and we’ll write it up for you. It is helpful to time your announcement as you’re writing it

(Holy Spirit Radio reserves the right to accept, edit or decline announcements. Priority is given first to diocesan events, then to regional events, and finally to parish and local events.)

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Thank you for supporting Holy Spirit Radio!

Were you unable to write down the information regarding an upcoming event? Please call us at 215-345-1570 or e-mail us and we’ll pass on the details of any of our currently running local announcements.