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Dr. Les Ruppersberger is a board certified GYN, with an NFP only practice in Langhorne, PA. He and his wife, Betty, are both certified Natural Family Planning instructors for the Family Life Office of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. They instruct Catholics on the Sympto-Thermal Method of Family Planning.


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NFP for Life Audio Archives

12-19-14        Topic: “The Family”  Guest:  Anne Bradley, “Emmaus Home”

10-17-14        Topic: “Responsible Parenthood”

09-19-14        Topic: “Respect Life Sunday & 40 Days for Life”

07-18-14        Topic: “NFP Awareness Week”

05-16-14        Guests: Ellen Giangiordano & Lorraine Williams, “Wonderfully Made! Babies”

03-21-14        Guests: Marie Joseph, “” & Anne Bradley, “”

02-21-14        Topic: “Tribute to John Stanton”

01-17-14        Topic: “March for Life”

11-15-13        Topic: “The State of NFP” Guests: George Finnin, “History of PNFPN” & Matt Pinto, “State of Marriage Prep NFP”

10-18-13        Guest: Jewels Green

09-20-13        “Pro-Life Sunday”

07-19-13        “NFP Awareness Week”

05-17-13       Recap of PNFPN Conference

04-20-13        PNFPN Conference, Theresa Notare, PhD. Assistant Director NFP program

04-20-13        PNFPN Conference, John Harden, Brand Manager of Ascension Press

04-19-13        “PNFPN” Conference

02-15-13        “Myths of NFP”

01-18-13        “March for Life”

11-16-12        “PNFP Network”

10-19-12        “Voting for Catholics”

09-21-12        “Marketing NFP”

06-15-12        “Fathers”

05-18-12        “Contraception-What’s wrong with it anyway?”

04-20-12        PNFPN 2012 Conference

03-24-12        PNFPN Conference Fr. Brian Bransfield, “Anthropology of Man”

03-24-12        PNFPN Conference Dr. Peter Colosi, “Humanae Vitae”

03-24-12        PNFPN Conference June Matewjic,”Theology of the Body”

03-24-12        PNFPN Conference Dr. Kyle Beiter, “Alternatives”

03-24-12        PNFPN Conference Fr. Tim Christy: Why Don’t We Know?

03-24-12        PNFPN Conference Dr. Les Ruppersberger, “Overview”

03-16-12        H.H.S. Mandate II

02-17-12        H.H.S. Mandate

01-20-12        Contraception & Abortion

11-18-11        Marital Communication

10-21-11        Contraception

09-16-11        Respect Life Month

08-20-11        NFP Overview

05-20-11        NFP Ideas for Parish Bulletins

04-15-11        Natural Family Planning Conference 2011 Summary  

02-18-11        Marriage and NFP 

10-15-10        Voting with a Catholic Conscience

08-20-10        Marie Joseph, Crisis Pregnancy Center Director

07-16-10        NFP Awareness Week

06-18-10        The Contraception Debate

05-21-10        Natural Family Planning Conference 2010 Summary

04-16-10         The Benefits of NFP

03-19-10         NFP Road Show: Dr. Les and Betty’s Parish Presentation 

02-19-10         Abstinence and Chastity

11-20-09         “Stand Up for Life”

10-16-09         The Gospel of Life, Pope John Paul II’s Encyclical

07-17-09         Live from the Annual Meeting of the American Academy of FertilityCare Professionals with special guest Dr. Thomas Hilgers

06-19-09         NFP Awareness Week: July 19 -25, 2009

03-20-09         NFP Basics

02-20-09         Dignitas Personae

11-21-08         NFP Basics

08-15-08         Election Preview 2008

07-18-08         NFP Awareness Week 2008

06-20-08         Steve Bozza: Life, Family and Justice Conference

02-15-08         Family Values

01-18-08         Pro-Life Issues

10-19-07         Contraception Update

09-21-07         Vince Bodnar, “NFP Witness Talk”

08-17-07         NFP and Marriage

07-20-07         NFP and Divorce

06-15-07         NFP Awareness Week 2007, NFP Survey

05-18-07         Gregg Ruppersberger – A Marketing Plan for NFP

04-20-07         Natural Family Planning Conference 2007 Summary

02-16-07         Contraception: What You’re Not Being Told

01-19-07         March for Life ’07 Preview  

12-15-06         NFP- Increasing Awareness

11-17-06         NFP in Pre-Cana Programs

10-20-06         2006 Elections: The Pro-Life Vote

09-15-06         What is NFP?

08-18-06         The Morning After Pill

07-21-06         NFP Awareness Week

06-16-06         Sr. Sheila Galligan & Pro-Life Students

04-21-06         Father Jim Otto

03-17-06         Infertility Treatments: What the Church Teaches

02-17-06         James & Jennifer Volpe

01-20-06         March for Life ’06 Preview 

09-16-05         4th Anniversary Program with Msgr. Samuel Shoemaker

06-17-05         Lauren Rivera on her conversion and NFP  

11-19-04         Allison & Gary Steele, NFP Instructors