Business Underwriting

We seek to educate and inspire people of all faiths to live up to their full potential as sons and daughters of God. Our culture today too often only celebrates material and worldly success, but the message of Catholic Radio is that of spiritual success. It is a message that […]

Sponsor A Day of Catholic Radio

For a one-time donation of $500.00 or more, or for a monthly donation of $50.00 or more, you can sponsor a full day of programming on Holy Spirit Radio. We will announce your sponsorship at least 6 times throughout the day (and will let you know the exact times). We’ll […]

Sunday Bulletin Announcement

The following are suggestions for an announcement in your parish’s Sunday Bulletin: Chester County Bulletins (1420 AM): Local Catholic Radio! Tune to 1420 AM to enjoy the best of EWTN and great local programming. The live call-in, educational and devotional programs will inform and enrich your Catholic faith. To obtain […]

Prayer Requests

As a radio family, we pray for each other’s needs and concerns. Prayer requests air twice each weekday, at 7:55 AM and 3:55 PM. (Please note that prayers are recorded once each week.)

Donate If You Can

Thank you for supporting Holy Spirit Radio. The first key way to help us is listening and telling others, but, of course, we are also in need of other means of support such as volunteering or financial support. Holy Spirit Radio is a registered non-profit 501(c)(3) organization and gifts are […]

Catholic Radio Rep Volunteer

The Catholic Radio Rep volunteer program at Holy Spirit Radio has one simple goal: To let every Catholic in our listening area know that Catholic Radio is available that can inspire, educate, challenge, entertain and comfort them on their journey of faith! Do you have a few minutes per month […]

Community Bulletin Board Announcement

Do you have a Parish event, devotion, prayer group meeting or school activity that you would like to promote? Let Holy Spirit Radio help you get the word out! The Catholic Community Bulletin Board is a forum to promote the many wonderful activities that are happening in our area parishes […]