Public Inspection File

In accordance with FCC guidelines, the Holy Spirit Radio Foundation maintains our public file online for anyone to review. Due to privacy concerns, we maintain listener and public comments at our station. If you are interested in seeing these documents, contact Frank Eliason, our director of operations by emailing frank@holyspiritradio.org or […]

Business Underwriting

We seek to educate and inspire people of all faiths to live up to their full potential as sons and daughters of God. Our culture today too often only celebrates material and worldly success, but the message of Catholic Radio is that of spiritual success. It is a message that […]


What People Are Saying About Holy Spirit Radio “Thank God for Holy Spirit Radio! It has been a wonderful influence on my life.” -Bill “Holy Spirit Radio has changed my life!” -Tom, a non-Catholic Holy Spirit Radio has been one of the key instruments that guided me back to the […]


Radio We are a Catholic lay apostolate in communion with our Holy Father, shepherd of the universal Church. Through education and catechesis, we are dedicated to spreading the Word of Jesus Christ through Catholic Radio. Mission Our mission has been given to us by Jesus Christ when He said “Go […]


Mail Holy Spirit Radio P.O. Box 798 Doylestown, PA 18901 Email 1570am@holyspiritradio.org Telephone (215) 345-1570 Fax (215) 345-1946

Coverage Area

WISP 1570 AM operates out of Doylestown, PA with 5000 Watts during the day and 900 Watts after dusk. WCOJ 1420 AM operates out of Coatesville, PA with 5000 Watts during the day and night. The main studio for the two stations is located at WISP in Doylestown and the signal […]

Community Bulletin Board Announcement

Do you have a Parish event, devotion, prayer group meeting or school activity that you would like to promote? Let Holy Spirit Radio help you get the word out! The Catholic Community Bulletin Board is a forum to promote the many wonderful activities that are happening in our area parishes […]