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Walking in Faith

Barbara ShinkleHost Barbara Shinkle features interviews and reviews that help you rediscover the Catholic faith in our culture.

3rd Friday at 10:00 AM

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Walking in Faith Audio Archives

09-16-16     Guests:

08-19-16     Guests:

07-15-16     Guests: Jim Jordan & Sr. Evangeline “Chants of the Holy Spirit”, Elizabeth Scalia “Little Sins Mean a Lot”, Dr. Grazie Christie, “Religious Liberty”

06-17-16  Guests: John Lawrence Hill “After the Natural Law”, Maureen Ferguson Catholic Association “Little Sisters of the Poor”

05-20-16  Guests: Karl Keating The Catholic Quiz, Tony Ryan St. Joan of Arc, Robert Ovies “Barely a Crime”

04-15-16      Guests:  Jim Growdon, ” Regina Academies”, Speedy Morris, “Miraculous Medal” & Fr. Joseph Fessio, “Jesus’ School of Life”

03-18-16     Guests:  Meghan Cokely, “New Evangelization Workshop” & Steve Dawson, “Catholic Street Evangelization”

02-19-16     Guests:  Sarah Judge-“Focus Ministry”, Tess Livingstone-“Test Everything”, and Anthony Ryan-Ignatius Press, “Acedia”

01-15-16      Guests:  Marcus Grodi, “Life From Our Land”, Robert Royal, “A Deeper Vision” The Catholic Intellectual Tradition

12-18-15      Guests:  Geoffrey Shaw, “The Last Mandate of Heaven” & Chris Faddis, “Bene Plates”

11-20-15     Guests: Fr. Joseph Fessio, “God of Nothing”, Fiorella de Maria, “We Will Never Tell Them” & Sue Benzie, “Lighthouse Catholic Media”

10-16-15      Guests: Archbishop Cardinal Paglin, “WMOF 2015”, Edward Pentin, “National Catholic Register–Synod” and Jason Evert, “St. JPII”

09-18-15      Guests: Gloria Coyne, “WMOF 2015–Renewal of Family” & Anthony Ryan, “St. Junipero Serra”

08-21-15       Guests: Fr. Michael Rock, “Iraq Relief for Persecuted Christians”, John and Betsy Scafidi, “NFP” & Greg Schwind (Realtor), “Clutter”

07-17-15       Guests: Dr. Mary Healy, “NCBC–The Feminine Genius”; Thomas Smith, “NCBC–Spiritual Warfare and the Mass” and Rick Swartzwelder, “Old Fashioned Movie”.

06-19-15       Guests: Matt Pinto, “Ascension Cafe WMOF”; Chris White, “Catholic Voices USA WMOF” & Fr. Joseph Fesio, “Henri DeLubac Vatican Council Notebooks Vol 1”

05-15-15       Guests: Dr. Lance Richey, “Dorothy Day–House of Hospitality” & Fr. Peter Mitchell, “The Coup At Catholic University”

04-17-15       Guests: Anthony Ryan, “The Noonday Devil: Acedia” & Roger Thomas, “The Accidental Marriage”

03-20-15       Guests: Chad Judice “Waiting for Eli: A Father’s Journey from Fear to Faith”, Rick Delano — Producer of “The Principle” & Steve Ray, “Catholic Convert”

02-20-15       Guests: Chris Gibbons, Historian, “The Lost Boys of Roman Catholic High School” & Matt Fradd, “Pornography–50 Shades if Gray”

01-16-15      Guests: Timothy Goodwin, “Focus Missionary” & Anthony Ryan, “Ignatius Press”

12-19-14       Guests: Alan Clark, “CEO”; Lizanne Pando, “Director of Mktg WMF 2015”; Meghan Cokeley, “Evangelization WMF 2015” & Susan Tassone, “Holy Souls/Purgatory”.

11-21-14       Guests: Bishop John McIntyre–Archdiocese of Phila, “WMOF/Papal Visit”; Deacon Bill Turrentine, “Your Love Story” Marriage Program & Donna Marie Cooper O’Boyle, “Catholic Mom’s Cafe–EWTN”

10-17-14       Guests: Neil Carlin, “World Meeting of Families Icon–Holy Family” & Monica Fitzgibbons, “Christmas in Harvard Square”

09-19-14       Guests: Robert Reilly, “Making Gay OK”, Karen Edmisten, “Death Bed Conversions” & Meghan Cokeley, “Catholic Life Congress”

08-15-14       Guests: Mark Latkovic, “What’s a Person to Do? Everyday Decision Making”, Lorraine Bennett, “A Year of Grace- 365 Reflections for Caregivers” & Mark Brumley, “To Know Jesus As the Christ”

07-18-14       Guests: Fr. Mitch Pacwa, “Mary, Virgin Mother and Queen” & Markayla Johnson, “Faith On Campus”

06-20-14       Guests: Bill Maffucci, Anne Wilson, & Steve Kilpatrick,”Our Lady of Guadalupe” & Tim Murnane & Mike Paterson,” Regina Academy St. John the Baptist in Ottsville”

05-16-14       Guests: Ralph Martin, “The Urgency of the New Evangelization–Answering the Call” & Devon Schadt, “Joseph’s Way–The Call to Fatherly Greatness”

03-21-14   Guests: Jason Evert, “St. JP the Great!–His Five Loves” & Barrie Schwortz, “Witness to Mystery–Investigations Into Christ’s Relics”

02-21-14   Guests: Melanie Rigney, “Sisterhood of Saints”, Dr. Anne Nolte, “Gianna Center” & Dorothy Cummings McLean, “Ceremony of Innocence”

01-17-14   Guests: Chris Faddis, “All is Well: Life in the Storm” & Michael O’Brien, “Voyage to Alpha Centauri”

11-15-13     Guests: Vinny Flynn, ” 7 Secrets of Confession”; Fiorella de Maria, “Do No Harm”; Sue Ann Maier, “Phila Women’s Conf”

10-18-13     Guests: Ann Carey,”Sisters in Crisis Revisited” & Lino Rulli, “The Catholic Guy”

09-20-13     Guests: Jason Evert, “Chastity”, Seminarians, “Legion of Mary”, & Michael Barber, “The Rosary”

08-16-13     Guests: Elizabeth Scalia, “The Anchoress” from the Nat’l Catholic Marketing Conf. & Anastasia Northrup, “Nat’l Catholic Singles Conf.”

07-19-13     Guests: Mother Dolores Hart, “Ear of the Heart”, Jeff Cavins, “Evangelization” & Fr. Mark Toups, “Oremus”

06-21-13     Guests: Joseph Pearce, “Shakespeare on Love” and Mark Brumley on Frank Sheeds “Society and Sanity”

05-17-13     Guests: Russell Shaw, “American Church” and Fr. Paschal Onunwa & Jerry Riley, “Legion of Mary 50th Anniversary”

04-19-13     Guests: Erasmo Leiva Merikakis, “Fire of Mercy, Heart of the Word” & Fr. Donald Haggerty, “Contemplative Provocations”

02-15-13     Guests: Fr. Douglas McKay, “Heaven’s Homecoming”

12-21-12     Guests: Fr. Gary Castor, Dr. Edward Sri,  & Archbishop Jose Gomez- Los Angeles

11-16-12     Guests: Monica Fitzgibbons, “Advent at Ephesus”  Tom Doran, “Terrapin”  Tim Gray, “Advent-Year of Faith Lecture”

10-19-12     Guests: Dr. Peter Colosi, “Year of Faith” & Fr. Joseph Fessio, “The Voice of the Church at Prayer”

09-21-12     Guests: Dr. Sean Innerest, “Catechism” & Fr. Patrick Brady, “Biblical Vision in a Blind World”

08-17-12     Guests: Tim Gray,”Augustine Institute”, Thomas Smith, “Biblical Scholar” & Martha Fernandez Sardina, “Diocese of San Antonio”

07-20-12     Guests: Jeff Cavins, Sarah Christmyer & Scott Hahn, “Nat’l Catholic Bible Conference”

06-15-12     Ruben Quezada, “For Greater Glory” & Steve Bozza, “Archdiocese Fortnight for Freedom”

05-18-12     Kurt & Janet von Schuschnigg, Fr. Dennis Gill

04-20-12     Encore of Jan 20, 2012

03-16-12     Fr. Peter Stravinskas/Cardinal Newman, Vivian Dudrow,Shadows/Images

02-17-12     Bishop John McIntyre, Healthcare Conf./HHS Mandate

01-20-12     Movies: October Baby, I Desire Heaven (St. Philip Neri)

12-02-11       Fr. Chris Walsh, “Advent” & Leo Defilippis, Actor

11-04-11       Walking in Faith Guests: Fr. Dennis Gill & Fr. Ed Sri

10-07-11       Walking in Faith Guests: Endow for Women, Walking the Camino

09-02-11       Walking in Faith Guests: Thom Price, Steve Motyl, Fr. Michael Gaitley and Teresa Tomeo

07-29-11       Walking in Faith Guests: Archbishop Chaput & Rocco Palmo

07-01-11       Walking in Faith Guests: Joseph Pearce, “Solzhenitsyn” & Jack Nelson, “Diagnosis Critical”