Walking in Faith

March 17, 2013 in Local, Show

Barbara ShinkleHost Barbara Shinkle features interviews and reviews that help you rediscover the Catholic faith in our culture.

3rd Friday at 10:00 AM

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Walking in Faith Audio Archives

06-17-16      Guests: John Lawrence Hill “After the Natural Law”, Maureen Ferguson Catholic Association “Little Sisters of the Poor”

05-20-16      Guests: Karl Keating The Catholic Quiz, Tony Ryan St. Joan of Arc, Robert Ovies “Barely a Crime”

04-15-16      Guests:  Jim Growdon, ” Regina Academies”, Speedy Morris, “Miraculous Medal” & Fr. Joseph Fessio, “Jesus’ School of Life”

03-18-16      Guests:  Meghan Cokely, “New Evangelization Workshop” & Steve Dawson, “Catholic Street Evangelization”

02-19-16      Guests:  Sarah Judge-“Focus Ministry”, Tess Livingstone-“Test Everything”, and Anthony Ryan-Ignatius Press, “Acedia”

01-15-16      Guests:  Marcus Grodi, “Life From Our Land”, Robert Royal, “A Deeper Vision” The Catholic Intellectual Tradition

12-18-15      Guests:  Geoffrey Shaw, “The Last Mandate of Heaven” & Chris Faddis, “Bene Plates”

11-20-15      Guests: Fr. Joseph Fessio, “God of Nothing”, Fiorella de Maria, “We Will Never Tell Them” & Sue Benzie, “Lighthouse Catholic Media”

10-16-15      Guests: Archbishop Cardinal Paglin, “WMOF 2015”, Edward Pentin, “National Catholic Register–Synod” and Jason Evert, “St. JPII”

09-18-15      Guests: Gloria Coyne, “WMOF 2015–Renewal of Family” & Anthony Ryan, “St. Junipero Serra”

08-21-15       Guests: Fr. Michael Rock, “Iraq Relief for Persecuted Christians”, John and Betsy Scafidi, “NFP” & Greg Schwind (Realtor), “Clutter”

07-17-15       Guests: Dr. Mary Healy, “NCBC–The Feminine Genius”; Thomas Smith, “NCBC–Spiritual Warfare and the Mass” and Rick Swartzwelder, “Old Fashioned Movie”.

06-19-15       Guests: Matt Pinto, “Ascension Cafe WMOF”; Chris White, “Catholic Voices USA WMOF” & Fr. Joseph Fesio, “Henri DeLubac Vatican Council Notebooks Vol 1”

05-15-15       Guests: Dr. Lance Richey, “Dorothy Day–House of Hospitality” & Fr. Peter Mitchell, “The Coup At Catholic University”

04-17-15       Guests: Anthony Ryan, “The Noonday Devil: Acedia” & Roger Thomas, “The Accidental Marriage”

03-20-15       Guests: Chad Judice “Waiting for Eli: A Father’s Journey from Fear to Faith”, Rick Delano — Producer of “The Principle” & Steve Ray, “Catholic Convert”

02-20-15       Guests: Chris Gibbons, Historian, “The Lost Boys of Roman Catholic High School” & Matt Fradd, “Pornography–50 Shades if Gray”

01-16-15       Guests: Timothy Goodwin, “Focus Missionary” & Anthony Ryan, “Ignatius Press”

12-19-14       Guests: Alan Clark, “CEO Homestay.com”; Lizanne Pando, “Director of Mktg WMF 2015”; Meghan Cokeley, “Evangelization WMF 2015” & Susan Tassone, “Holy Souls/Purgatory”.

11-21-14       Guests: Bishop John McIntyre–Archdiocese of Phila, “WMOF/Papal Visit”; Deacon Bill Turrentine, “Your Love Story” Marriage Program & Donna Marie Cooper O’Boyle, “Catholic Mom’s Cafe–EWTN”

10-17-14       Guests: Neil Carlin, “World Meeting of Families Icon–Holy Family” & Monica Fitzgibbons, “Christmas in Harvard Square”

09-19-14       Guests: Robert Reilly, “Making Gay OK”, Karen Edmisten, “Death Bed Conversions” & Meghan Cokeley, “Catholic Life Congress”

08-15-14       Guests: Mark Latkovic, “What’s a Person to Do? Everyday Decision Making”, Lorraine Bennett, “A Year of Grace- 365 Reflections for Caregivers” & Mark Brumley, “To Know Jesus As the Christ”

07-18-14       Guests: Fr. Mitch Pacwa, “Mary, Virgin Mother and Queen” & Markayla Johnson, “Faith On Campus”

06-20-14       Guests: Bill Maffucci, Anne Wilson, & Steve Kilpatrick,”Our Lady of Guadalupe” & Tim Murnane & Mike Paterson,” Regina Academy St. John the Baptist in Ottsville”

05-16-14       Guests: Ralph Martin, “The Urgency of the New Evangelization–Answering the Call” & Devon Schadt, “Joseph’s Way–The Call to Fatherly Greatness”

03-21-14       Guests: Jason Evert, “St. JP the Great!–His Five Loves” & Barrie Schwortz, “Witness to Mystery–Investigations Into Christ’s Relics”

02-21-14       Guests: Melanie Rigney, “Sisterhood of Saints”, Dr. Anne Nolte, “Gianna Center” & Dorothy Cummings McLean, “Ceremony of Innocence”

01-17-14       Guests: Chris Faddis, “All is Well: Life in the Storm” & Michael O’Brien, “Voyage to Alpha Centauri”

11-15-13       Guests: Vinny Flynn, ” 7 Secrets of Confession”; Fiorella de Maria, “Do No Harm”; Sue Ann Maier, “Phila Women’s Conf”

10-18-13       Guests: Ann Carey,”Sisters in Crisis Revisited” & Lino Rulli, “The Catholic Guy”

09-20-13       Guests: Jason Evert, “Chastity”, Seminarians, “Legion of Mary”, & Michael Barber, “The Rosary”

08-16-13       Guests: Elizabeth Scalia, “The Anchoress” from the Nat’l Catholic Marketing Conf. & Anastasia Northrup, “Nat’l Catholic Singles Conf.”

07-19-13       Guests: Mother Dolores Hart, “Ear of the Heart”, Jeff Cavins, “Evangelization” & Fr. Mark Toups, “Oremus”

06-21-13       Guests: Joseph Pearce, “Shakespeare on Love” and Mark Brumley on Frank Sheeds “Society and Sanity”

05-17-13       Guests: Russell Shaw, “American Church” and Fr. Paschal Onunwa & Jerry Riley, “Legion of Mary 50th Anniversary”

 04-19-13       Guests: Erasmo Leiva Merikakis, “Fire of Mercy, Heart of the Word” & Fr. Donald Haggerty, “Contemplative Provocations”

02-15-13       Guests: Fr. Douglas McKay, “Heaven’s Homecoming”

12-21-12       Guests: Fr. Gary Castor, Dr. Edward Sri,  & Archbishop Jose Gomez- Los Angeles

11-16-12       Guests: Monica Fitzgibbons, “Advent at Ephesus”  Tom Doran, “Terrapin”  Tim Gray, “Advent-Year of Faith Lecture”

10-19-12       Guests: Dr. Peter Colosi, “Year of Faith” & Fr. Joseph Fessio, “The Voice of the Church at Prayer”

09-21-12       Guests: Dr. Sean Innerest, “Catechism” & Fr. Patrick Brady, “Biblical Vision in a Blind World”

08-17-12       Guests: Tim Gray,”Augustine Institute”, Thomas Smith, “Biblical Scholar” & Martha Fernandez Sardina, “Diocese of San Antonio”

07-20-12       Guests: Jeff Cavins, Sarah Christmyer & Scott Hahn, “Nat’l Catholic Bible Conference”

06-15-12       Ruben Quezada, “For Greater Glory” & Steve Bozza, “Archdiocese Fortnight for Freedom”

05-18-12       Kurt & Janet von Schuschnigg, Fr. Dennis Gill

04-20-12       Encore of Jan 20, 2012

03-16-12       Fr. Peter Stravinskas/Cardinal Newman, Vivian Dudrow,Shadows/Images

02-17-12       Bishop John McIntyre, Healthcare Conf./HHS Mandate

01-20-12       Movies: October Baby, I Desire Heaven (St. Philip Neri)

12-02-11       Fr. Chris Walsh, “Advent” & Leo Defilippis, Actor

11-04-11       Walking in Faith Guests: Fr. Dennis Gill & Fr. Ed Sri

10-07-11       Walking in Faith Guests: Endow for Women, Walking the Camino

09-02-11       Walking in Faith Guests: Thom Price, Steve Motyl, Fr. Michael Gaitley and Teresa Tomeo                              

07-29-11       Walking in Faith Guests: Archbishop Chaput & Rocco Palmo

07-01-11       Walking in Faith Guests: Joseph Pearce, “Solzhenitsyn” & Jack Nelson, “Diagnosis Critical”