Listen Now!

Now you can easily listen to Holy Spirit Radio from your phone or portable device! Simply press the play button below (next to Listen Live) to hear what is on the radio right now! If you have an Amazon Echo or Google home, just ask it to play Holy Spirit Radio. If you use the Tune in Radio App, search for Holy Spirit Radio. If you prefer to listen to a recent local program, select the name of the program below and press the play button. It is that easy!

On the Air:

      Listen Live to Holy Spirit Radio

Other Ways to Listen Live:

  • Amazon Echo & Google Home – Ask the device to play Holy Spirit Radio (i.e. Alexa Play Holy Spirit Radio, Okay Google, Play Holy Spirit Radio)
  • Tune-In Radio – Search for Holy Spirit Radio
  • Sonos – Under Tune-In search for Holy Spirit Radio
  • Other Streaming Software, Such as iTunes, Windows Media Player or Grove – Open Stream ‘’

Listen to Recent Local Programs:

Select a Show You would like to Listen To: