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Join Host Mark Houck for the King’s Men every other Friday as he explores the various aspects of masculine spirituality. The King’s Men (TKM) radio program seeks to use the airwaves in three ways: first, to educate men on a variety of masculine spirituality related issues; second, to introduce men to TKM vision and mission; and third, to invite men to join TKM in building and uniting men by participation in TKM initiatives.

Call in to the program: 215-345-1570

2nd and 4th Friday at 11:00 AM (LIVE)

Encore Presentation

Saturday at 2:00 PM

The King’s Men Audio Archives

01-13-17       Topic: Dealing with the Wages of Sin

12-09-16      Topic: Saint Juan Diego

10-14-16        Topic: Seven Things We Know About Men

09-23-16       Topic:  Pray Hope and Don’t Woory

08-26-16       Topic: Fr. Michael DeGregorio, Lay Augustinian Spirituality

08-12-16       Topic: Reflecting on Death in the Lives of Male Saints

07-08-16       Topic: Discerning Spiritual Gifts – St. Catherine of Sienna Institute

06-24-16       Topic: Into the Wild Arizona, Masculine Genius Institute and Fatherhood

05-13-16       Topic:  Tribute to Kathy Gasson

04-08-16       Topic:  Masculine Genius Institute and St. Augustine

03-11-16       Topic:  Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy

02-26-16       Topic:  Regina Schools    Guests: Headmasters, Christopher Keefe and Michael J. Patterson

02-12-16       Topic:  King’s Men Updates and 2016 Outreach to the Wing Bowl

01-08-16       Topic:  Into the Breach, Part III Guest: Heather Salwach

12-11-15        Topic:  Into the Breach, Part II Guests: Chris Tray & Rob Glackin

10-23-15        Topic:  Into the Breach

08-28-15        Topic:  The King’s Men 9th Anniversary & The Action Pillar   Guest:  Chas Defeo

08-14-15        Guest: John Prejean,  “Whitehouse Witness Weekend”

07-24-15        Topic:  “Whitehouse Witness”

06-12-15        Topic:  “Transgenderism–Speaking the Truth In Love”

05-08-15        Guests: Jim Growdon, Executive Director of the Regina Academies & Joe Grabowski, International Institute for Culture

04-24-15        Topic: “March for Marriage” Guest: Brian Brown, President of the National Organization for Marriage

04-10-15        Topic: “Religious Freedom vs. Discrimination”

03-13-15        Guests:  Jay Krasne, “The King’s Men Experience” & Heather Salwach, “Office Manager for the King’s Men with Upcoming Events”

02-27-15        Guest:  Michael Norton, “Man Up Philly”

02-13-15        Topic:  “Lent”

01-23-15        Topic:  “Wing Bowl Rally”

01-09-15        Guests:  Mark Houck, “Wing Bowl” & Chris Tray and Rusty Taft, “Men’s Conference at St. Isadore”

12-12-14        Guest:  Mark Houck, “Courage Brothers”

10-24-14        Topics:  “Synod on the Family 2014” & “Courage Brothers”  by Mark Houck

09-12-14        Guest: Mark Pennington  Topic: “Engagement in Noble Battles”

08-22-14        Topic:  8th Anniversary of TKM

07-25-14        Guest: Barry Phillips, “Are You Worshipping Your Retirement?”

07-11-14        Topic:  Freedom

06-27-14        Guest Host: Chuck Harvey  Topic:  Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Redemptive Suffering, King’s Men Updates

06-13-14        Guest Host: Chuck Harvey  Topic: Marriage  Guest:  Joe Grabowski

05-23-14        Guest Host: Chuck Harvey  Topic: Marriage  Guest: Dr. Peter Colosi

05-09-14        Guest Host: Chuck Harvey  Topic: Marriage  Guest:  Fr. James Brent O.P.

04-11-14        Guest Host: Chuck Harvey  Topic: Marriage

03-28-14        Guests:  Tim Murnane & Joe Austin

03-14-14        Guest: Chuck Harvey, “ITW”

02-28-14        Guests: Eustace Mita, “Man-Up Philly”,  Michael Stark, “40 Day Challenge” & Matt Ingold, “Samson Retreat”

01-24-14        Topic: “Habitual Sins”

01-10-14        Topic: “Being Courageous”

12-13-13        Host: Allen Zelno  Guest: Chuck Harvey, ” Director of Operations & ITW Programs”

11-22-13       Guest Host: Allen Zelno  Topic: “Leader, Protector, Provider”

11-08-13       Guest Host: Allen Zelno Guests: Tim Murnane,” Knights of Immaculata Retreat” & Matt Ingold, ” Introducing Men’s Samson Healing Retreat”

10-25-13       Guest Host: Allen Zelno

09-27-13       Guest Host: Allen Zelno  Guest: Matt Ingold

09-13-13       Guest Host: Allen Zelno  Topic: ” Leader, Protector and Provider Through Pope Francis”

08-23-13       Guest: Matt Ingold, “Director of Healing & Retreat Programs”

07-12-13       Guest: Dan Sullivan, “Sports and Spirituality”

06-28-13       Topic: “Defending Traditional Marriage”

06-14-13       Guest: Msgr. Philip Reilly, “”

05-24-13       Guest Host:  Allen Zelno

05-10-13       Guests:  Dave Dinuzzo and Gary Zimak

04-26-13       Guest: Allen Zelno, “Director of Evangelization KM”

04-12-13       Guest: Brian Gail, “”
03-22-13       Guest Host: Gary Zimak, Topic- “Pray, Hope and Don’t Worry”

02-22-13      Guest Host: Dave DiNuzzo. Sr.  Topic: Leader’s Training Workshop

02-08-13      Guest: Eustace Mita, “Men’s Conference”

01-11-13      Topic: Local Events

12-14-12      Guests: George Finnin, “NFP” & Ken Johnston, “Calix Society”

11-09-12      Guest: Matthew Camporeale, ” Samson Retreat & Spiritual Warfare”

10-26-12      Guests: Joseph Austin, “Regina Coeli” & Stephen Klugewicz, “Regina Luminis”

10-12-12      Guest: Ramesh Ponnuru, “National Review”

09-14-12      Topic: “Exaltation of the Cross” & Samson

08-26-12      Guest Host: Gary Zimak, “Worry and Anxiety”

08-10-12      Guest Host: Gary Zimak, “Role of the Prophet”

07-27-12      Guest:  Sara Gorman, “Lupus”

07-13-12      Topic:  Abuse and the Samson Retreat

06-22-12      Guest: Sean Finnegan, “Anteroom”

05-25-12      Guest: Gary Zimak, “Following the Truth”

04-27-12      Guest: Bob Margettes, “A Witness for Atonement”

04-13-12      Guest: Michael Stark, “Truth & Light” Audio Bible

03-23-12      Guest: Steve Pokorny, “Freedom Coaching”

03-09-12      Guests: Tony Luna, “Cat Chat” & Steve Castle, “Life Runners”

02-24-12      Guest: Tim Murnane, “Intelligent Design”

01-27-12      Guests: Joe Austin & Tim Murnane, “Regina Coeli”

01-13-12      Don Koestler, ” Systems Thinking”

12-09-11      JP Kasperowicz, “www.”

11-25-11      Kathleen McCarthy, “In His Sign Ministry”

11-11-11      Sam Flynn, “The Porn Effect”

10-28-11      Dave DiNuzzo, “WRAP”

09-23-11      Mary Jane Finn, Molly Kelly, Adrian Quinn, Matt Von Siegel

08-26-11      Damian Wargo & Dave DiNuzzo

07-2211      Dr. Jerry Kirk

07-08-11      Pat & Steve Castle, “Life Runners”

06-24-11       Recap of “Into the Wild”

05-27-11       Elliot, Courage Sports Camp

05-13-11       Pat Castle, Life RunnersKarl A. Schultz, Lectio Divina

03-11-11        Diana Nolan, Rose Marie Jones, Bill Winkeler: Parents Active in Responsible Education (PARE)

02-25-11       Joe Austin and Timothy Murnane, Regina Coeli Academy

02-11-11       Pat Trueman, Supporting Anti-porn Laws/ Prof. Don Koestler, “The Art of Thinking Differently”

01-14-11        Timothy Murnane: The Intelligent Design Debate

12-10-10        Adrian Quinn, Parish Evangelization: Hands of Truth

11-12-10        Shawn McCarthy, Boxing Benefit/ Dave Dinuzzo, Colorado King’s Men

10-08-10        Coleen Kelly Mast, Author and Host of The Doctor is In

09-24-10        Molly Kelly and Cath Moran, “Spiritual Spa” Retreat for Women/ Chuck Harvey, Into the Wild Weekend: Insights and Highlights

09-10-10        Jim Zern and Fr. Joe Freedy, Into the Wild Weekend – Pittsburgh Recap

08-13-10        Rob Eleuteri, TKM in Los Angeles

07-09-10        Vince DeStefano, TKM in Indianapolis/ The King’s Men Handbook

06-25-10         Craig Glantz, Co-Founder of “E-glantz

05-28-10         Damian Wargo, Into the Wild Weekend Preview

05-14-10        Kathleen McCarthy, President of In His Sign Network

04-23-10        Jim Buffler, The Saint Gianna Society

04-09-10        Ken Johnston, Calix Society (with co-host Rob Eleuteri)

03-26-10        Sara Gorman, Author, “Despite Lupus” (Living Well with a Chronic Illness)

03-1210        Anthony Buono, Heroic Media

02-12-10        Fr. Larry Richards Author, “Be a Man!

01-08-10         Dave Dinuzzo,