Spirit in the Morning Specials

Since starting the program in the Fall of 2016 we have broken new ground for Catholic Radio bringing a new flare of music, guests and fun. We have had the opportunity for unique live broadcasts from places such as the Dining Car Restaurant, Saint Hubert’s High School, Man-Up Philly and many more. We have also had incredible guests, including local musical talent such as Teresa Peterson & Marty Rotella. We also have had fun talking about special events such as the play Faustina as it was playing at the Shrine of Czestochowa. Below is a selection of some of our favorite episodes.

If you would like to learn more about Gary Zimak or invite him to speak at your parish, please visit followingthetruth.com or email him at gary@holyspiritradio.org

Live from Man Up Philly


      Listen to Spirit in the Morning Live from Man Up Philly

This was our first multi-hour weekend special live broadcast from the Man Up Philly conference at Saint Joseph’s University. This was a 4 hour broadcast with many great guests.

Compilation Episode 1


      Listen to Spirit in the Morning Interview Compilation

Each week we choose 1 episode from the week as the “best of” to replay on Saturday at noon, but what do you do when you cannot choose? We created a single episode with all the great interviews from the week. Included this episode is Vicotoria Gasandi, Dr. Ray Guarendi, Dr. Colleen Mast and Johnnette Benkovic


Compilation Episode 2


      Listen to Spirit in the Morning Interview Compilation 2

Instead of the usual replay we brought together 2 older interviews to create a single episode. Hear Marty Rotella and Raymond Arroyo.


Teresa Peterson


      Spirit in the Morning with Teresa Peterson

Spirit in the Morning is a celebration of the Catholic Faith, Philadelphia and Music. Musician Teresa Peterson is the celebration of all of these. She is a local musician who joined us in the studio to celebrate her Catholic Faith.

Saint Hubert’s


      Spirit in the Morning at Saint Hubert's

This was our first live broadcast outside of the studio! It was an opportunity to celebrate the work being done at Saint Hubert’s in Northeast Philadelphia.

Faustina at the Shrine of Czestochowa


      Listen to Spirit in the Morning with Faustina

Maria Vargo, the star of Saint Luke Production’s Faustina joined us in the studio to celebrate this work coming to the Shrine of Czestochowa.

The Dining Car in Northeast Philadelphia


      Listen to Spirit in the Morning at the Dining Car

From the start of this show we have discussed scrapple! It is part of Philadelphia tradition, so is there a better place to take Spirit in the Morning than the best place to get scrapple?

Maryanne’s Pastry Shoppe in Doylestown, PA


      Listen to Spirit in the Morning at Maryannes

Maryanne’s is a Doylestown tradition and so are their pastries! This was an enjoyable trip to a loved Catholic business in the heart of Doylestown.