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There are a variety of ways you access the programming you love from Holy Spirit Radio.  Besides the radio, you can easily access Holy Spirit Radio from a computer, smartphone or other internet connected device, such as Sonos or Amazon Alexa.

Listen Within Your Browser


      Listen to Holy Spirit Radio

Alternative Ways to Listen from a Computer

Windows Based Computer

Apple Macintosh Computer

Access Holy Spirit Radio from other devices

These instructions are provided to assist our listeners in accessing Holy Spirit Radio through their favorite devices. The mentioning of different applications does not serve as an endorsement of the application or warrant their effectiveness. We invite listeners to provide instructions for their favorite devices or applications by emailing

  • Mobile or Tablet Device – Download an internet player, such as TuneIn Radio (available in free version or 99 cent pro version) from the application store available on your device. If you use TuneIn Radio, to set up Holy Spirit Radio simply type Holy Spirit Radio in the search field and you are all set.  Some internet players require a URL to access the streaming audio for Holy Spirit Radio type in  Make sure you add Holy Spirit Radio to your favorites to make it easier to access in the future.  This is not an endorsement of TuneIn Radio.  We list this app because it is universally available for most OS’s, including Apple IOS, Android (Kindle and Google Play), Blackberry and Windows.  The app also offers the ability to pause the radio stream.
  • Sonos – Select Radio in the list of sources, then type in Holy Spirit Radio in the search field. Make sure to add this to your favorites.
  • Amazon Echo – Make sure you have Tune-In available within the Amazon Alexa application. If you do, simply say “Alexa [or Echo] please play Holy Spirit Radio.

Listen by Phone



  1. Trouble with Safari browser? Open Apple iTunes, select file open URL and paste the following URL:
  2. Page cannot be displayed error – This is usually due to the proper player not being installed. This means your computer may not have one of the following players: RealPlayer or Windows Media Player. The links to download these programs are below. (You need only choose one.)
  3. No Program is Associated with .pls file – To correct this, simply click on the link on the website. A box should open up asking “Open With . . .” Choose the browse option and link it to one of the players listed above.
  4. Do Not Chose the Option to “Save As” – This can cause excessive download time and the file may not play. It will save it to your hard drive. Always choose “Open with (whatever program from the above list – it should be the default option).
  5. Web Traffic – Web traffic can always interfere with a connection. Busier times may cause this to happen if the initial download in interrupted. The best correction for this is switching your player to Winamp.

If you are still having trouble please send an e-mail to Please include a description of the problem and the type of player you use (Microsoft Window Media, Real player, etc.).